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    Alert.show_popup issue on HTC Android device

    Dave Philips

      I'm having issues with the Alert box being displayed on a certain Android device. Basically nothing is shown, but if you navigate away from the app, and then come back to it, the alert is then visible.


      I'm currently initiating the alert from javascript using an ajax call:




      My ruby actions are as follows:


      def show_about_popup
          Alert.show_popup( :title => "About", :message => "Client Version: " + $application_version + "\u000A" + "Service Version: " + $service_version, :icon => :info,
            :buttons => ["Licence", "Close"], :callback => url_for(:action => :about_popup_callback) )
      def about_popup_callback
          id = @params['button_id']
          title = @params['button_title']
          if title.downcase() == 'licence'


      This doesn't seem to be an issue on most of the devices I've tested on, but on a particular HTC device, it is quite frequent (see below)


      HTC One X

      Android 4.1.1

      HTC Sense 4+


      HTC SDK API level 4.63

      Browser WebKit/534.30


      Any ideas as to what could be causing the problem?