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    License missing after open and closing the application 3-4 times



      Our customer has installed the license on several devices, the issue occurs on MC55

      Rhoelements v on a MC55(OEM 3.380004) and on a MC55a(OEM2.41.0003)


      Sometimes it is shown the application license error when they start Rhoelements. When they close and start Rhoelements 3-4 times then suddenly they get the error

      ”Your Application license does not allow you to vistit this url”.


      They have a Hybrid application. They use Rhoelements as a web browser, and use the .cab and .apk files provided in the rhomobile suite.

      We use a "application license".

      During the tests they use about 5-7 MC40 (no problems) and 1-2 MC55’s on the same network. they are testing now with 2 MC55’s on the same network.


      Attached both config files, I comment out some info with xxx


      Any idea what could be worng?