[RFD2000] How to know whether a writing operation is successfully executed


I'm using the Zebra Android SDK (link) to write RFID tags using the RFD2000 handheld reader. To write tags I'm using the OperationSequence class, which allows to put different operations in a queue such that they are executed one after another. The problem I'm having is that I cannot know when the sequence executes successfully, so I don't know whether all operations have been performed on the RFID tag.

Normally, the following operations are pushed in the queue:

  1. Change the EPC of the tag.
  2. Write an access password to the tag.
  3. Lock the EPC bank.
  4. Lock the access password bank.

The problem is that we are receiving a single answer from the handheld in the "eventReadNotify" callback (note that this callback is used for both readings and writings). This callback is specified by the "RfidEventsListener" interface of the Zebra SDK. The problem is that a ACCESS_SUCCESS answer is returned, but sometimes only the first operation is applied, and sometimes all operations are applied.

Does this answer correspond to all the sequence of operations? Or does it correspond to only one operation? Is it possible to know to which operation an answer corresponds to?