[TC20] & [TC25] Scanner Status Handle Event. Application has stopped.

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I am a developer/programmer  from SM Retail Inc. from Philippines. My project is Stock Clerk Receiving System. and i do have a question about the scanner status because when i scanned the item normally , there is no problem with that. The problem is when i scanned the item barcode fast like i do have 10 barcodes and i scanned it fast each of them the scanner status through Scannerstates.Scanning takes slow or hangs up then when i scanned the item the application stopped.

Heres my code from your api documentation:

This is my application from TC20 and TC 25 :

If there is a way not to encounter this scenario because every time when the user scanned the item fast  it will catch this error due to the scanner status.

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Hi, it is not immediately

Hi, it is not immediately obvious what could be causing your issue.  Are you able to reproduce this with the Barcode sample? Barcode APIs - Zebra Technologies TechDocs

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