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    API required to convert image

    bhargav venkatesh

      I am printing an image through Zebra GC420t printer. I used the API such as "BrowserPrint-1.0.4.min.js" which takes the input of the image and print it.

      I am sending the parameters to the printer


      selected_printer.send("^XA^FX ^CFA,30 ^FO50,50^FDVisitor Name:"+$("#user").val()+"^FS ^FO50,80^FDCompany:"+$("#compName").val()+"^FS  ^FO50,110^FDTo Meet:"+$("#toMeet").val()+"^FS ^FO50,150^FDPurpose:"+$("#reason").val()+"^FS ^FO50,190^FDAuthorise^FS ^FO50,220^FDto Carry:"+mob+" "+lap+"^FS ^FO500,70^XG R:SAMPLE.GRF,1,1^FS^XZ");


      I am able to print the text form but the image does not show up on the label. The link I have shared http://labelary.com/viewer.html when I load the particular image it converts into the ZPL code that is hex code. Using that code when I hard code into the above statement and I can print the image through my code.


      I need an online API which converts the image to hex code and can be printed through my printer