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    SB1 OS Version ...31 Bootup System Message

    Jive Administrator

      On the latest ...31 OS version on the SB1 and the config.js file set to run an application on start-up after a coldboot I get the System Message "Application 5 cannot load due to lost connectivity! Wait or Quit. If I choose Wait the application runs but is hung on the first page. How do I prevent this screen from showing?


      This is not an issues with my application. I tested with the Sample Scan application and the same occurs.

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          Derek Warren

          Hi Nick,


            This was a recent change in OS31 to reduce the wait time of the alert see the release note below.


          ·        Previous behavior of waiting for 40 second when a user launches an Application from SB1 AppLauncher while device is out of network coverage and user selects “Wait” option instead of “Quit” option is now decreased to 5  seconds to improve the user experience and response time.


          I'm not 100% clear if this option is configurable through either the configuration files or a registry file, hopefully an engineer could comment on this.

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