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    How do I get a BigWindows Rhodes app into true Kiosk mode?

    Kevin Lollock


      We've got a customer that's building an app for WinXPEmbedded.

      The Bottom bar is easy (Debug=false), I believe the menu bar is native.menubar=false.

      The title bar is the tricky part though - so a couple of questions:


      Is there a way to disable the minimize, restore down, and close buttons programatically? In a VB project, you simply set

      FormBorderStyle = FixedSingle

      ControlBox = false

      MaximizeBox = false

      Is there such a way to do this with RhoMobile?


      Another option would be to set the QT libraries to use Kiosk mode - but again, is there a way to do that?

      Any great ideas would be appreciated!