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    Zebra Scanner DS457 advice

    Walter Lee

      Hello there,


      I am new to Zebra Scanner DS457 mixed mount scanner and I need some help as below,


      I would like to control LED on or LED Off for above scanner using SSI programming via Serial interface, hence I wish to know how to do it?


      For example,



      LED OFF



      Length = 05h

      OPcode = E8h

      Message Source = 04h

      Status = 1100

      LED Selection = 1111111 or 0000000

      Checksum = ?




      Refer to example as above


      05 E8 04 1100 0000000 ? <- this is correct packet format to send or requires to convert to Status, and LED selection into hex as well? how about Checksum?


      Kindly refer to Simple Serial Interface Programmer Guide Page 2 - 49  as attached.


      In addition, before using SSI programming should I need to do anything else? For example, to program D457 scanner to use SSI programming.


      Kindly please give me some examples.


      Many Thanks.