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    VoIP on SB1

    Hao-Fan Ma

      Dear All,


      I know there have TEAM Express on SB1, this is great feature for SB1, but some customers would like us to provide full solution for VoIP, they want SB1 support point to point voice function like SIP phone.

      I know we have TEAM solution(not Express) for enterprise, if it support SB1? Or it is possible that the customer develop the VoIP phone function by themselves?


      Many Thanks!


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          Mark Jolley

          Hi Max,


          Joseph Licari  should be able to give you the official answer




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            Joe Licari

            Hey Max,


            The full TEAM VOIP client has not been developed or tested on the SB1. As of now, only TEAM Express is supported and included with SB1. Remember the SB1 is designed to be a low-cost thin client device and therefore has a low memory footprint (128M), so it may not be appropriate for full VOIP solutions. To answer  your question, the customer could potentially develop a VOIP solution on their own but would need to provide the UI through the shell if they need it to work with other apps while supporting the overall architecture of the device.