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    SSL not working for customer for Rho Elements Beta 4 (Build 45)

    Dino Gregorich

      After many challenges migrating the customer from Pocket Browser to Rho Elements, we finally were successful getting the code converted and working.


      We moved from the HTTP server to the HTTPS server and then we get the page not loading error.


      I provided to the customer the link to the Ciphers that Rho Supports:


      The Customer has confirmed that the date and time on the MK3190 matches the Server.  He tells me that they are using



      Pocket Browser works, IE on the device works, so this has to be a bug in the Beta software. I tried to get the customer to set the proxy settings, but they tell me that Proxy is not required on their network, and PB nor IE needed them set to connect.


      If this is a bug, and it is already identified, when will it be fixed?


      Any ideas?