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    Issues with Migrating to Rho 4.0 from Rho 2.2

    Venkatasubbaiah Chenna



      We have developed our web application in ASP.NET MVC 3 and it runs on IIS server. And our application  supports wide variety of our Motorola devices. Viz., SB1,MC75,MC67,MC90xx, MC40 and ET1 etc.,


      At present we are using Rhoelements 2.2 shared runtime on both windows and android devices.


      We understand that our application can be migrated to Rho 4.x without making any changes to existing application.


      we have taken two approaches to migrate our MWM to Rho 4.x


      First approach : We have made a simple Rhoelements native application and changed the start_path to point to our  application URL. We found some parse errors in 2 files. But our application working fine in Rho 2.2 and on chrome.


      Second Approach: Build Rhoelements2 shared runtime and deployed on device. Configured config.xml 


      In both approaches application not loaded But same application working fine in Rho 2.2


      Please throw some light on this issues.