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    RhoConnect and SQL Server

    Jose Ignacio Arriage Castillo

      Good day, we are about to start a project to develop an app for mobile devices and we want to use RhoMobile (RhoElements and RhoConnect), this app will interact with SAP Business One and this version of SAP uses SQL Sever as DBMS, but the tutorials that we already study use almost all the time MySQL and explain how to connect RhoConnect with MySQL Server, but we need to connect RhoConnect with SQL Server, in some place I read that we can use like ODBC's but I do not understood very well, can any person from this comunity help us, with this issue?



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          Mark Nongkhlaw

          ODBC, eh? Hop over to http://rhnh.net/2010/10/10/rails-3-ruby-1-9-2-windows-2008-and-sql-server-2008-tutorial


          However, before embarking on developing a Rhoconnect app, be aware that you need to set up the pieces required for it in production. And you might have to spend on Rhoconnect licenses. You could however host your Rhoconnect app in Rhohub, but that's usually only for testing purposes and limited to 10 devices. If you do it the AsyncHttp way, you won't have to spend a dime, but then you'll have to do more coding.

          Please refer these posts also :



          I suggest you try first with Rhoconnect, host it in Rhohub to test your app (of course your Rhoconnect app at Rhohub should be able to connect to your rails app which connects with your SQL server ). If you're satisfied and can pay for Rhoconnect licenses, you can set up your own on-premise rhoconnect server. On the other hand, if you want to do it the "free" way, then you should forget Rhoconnect and go with AsyncHTTP. For this, you need to read the documentation, and try to write the code.


          BTW, that video was how to connect to SQL Server using Ruby on Rails. However, you can use other webservice technologies also like .NET that connect easily to SQL Server and exposes the data in JSON format with a REST interface, just like Rails does.


          Good luck,



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              Jose Ignacio Arriage Castillo

              Thanks Mark, I already know about the topics for RhoMobile and their licences, even in our office because we are partners from Motorola we have some liceces for testing RhoMobile and we already configure a RhoConnect server deployed on Ubunto. We already did test with RhoConnect and MySQL and the test and our results were fine but because our project will be in SQL Server we are some concern about connect RhoConnect with SQL Server.


              I will Read the topics that you share to me and then I will mark the answer.



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                  Mark Nongkhlaw

                  Ok, great!


                  May I request one thing : You said you already have experience with Rhoconnect running under Ubuntu, whereas I have experience in RoR connecting to SQL Server. However, I don't have Ubuntu or any Linux box to test my Rhoconnect app, nor for that matter, RoR. I have a sample SQL Server database, Rhodes app, RoR and Rhoconnect apps, but all developed under Windows. I found that the syncing is erratic on Windows, most probably due to Redis not performing very well under Wndows.


                  So why not I share my database and apps and you can test it under Rhoconnect and Rails, both running under Ubuntu?


                  If you're interested, please PM me.