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    NetworkCheck, WindowsCE Memory leak

    Klaus Heim

      attached I include my Web Application, the logfiles and the config files for our tested motorola devices (MC55 and MC3190). Both devices run the same App. I watch the memory consumption in the logfile.


      When I leave the company I start the App and connect the device with the docking station. The App checks the network (the host is my desktop, where my Netbeans IDE with Tomcat is installed) with the function connectivityCheck() every Second. When the device is connected, a Timer is started, to reboot the device at midnight.


      The memory load from the MC3190 device started with 37% and reaches 81% at 23:59. In my opinion the memory consumption when network host is available is higher than the network host is not available. The night before the MC3190 tested a host that's available and the device is not rebooted because memory load reaches 100% and I got an windows error message. This night the device tested my desktop (as host) and my desktop is stopped during the night.


      The MC55 device has no memory leak problem - the memory load is constant. But MC55 had an DNS issue:


      I 08/08/2013 17:35:58:000 8d7ffa8a Network::CNetwork::CheckConnectivity| Unable to connect to specified host

      I 08/08/2013 17:35:59:000 8d7ffa8a Network::CNetwork::NetworkChecker| Stopped Waiting

      I 08/08/2013 17:36:23:000 8d7ffa8a Network::CNetwork::CheckConnectivity| Attempted to resolve hostname to connect to but did not succeed, return value (11001), last error (11001)

      I 08/08/2013 17:36:24:000 8d7ffa8a Network::CNetwork::NetworkChecker| Stopped Waiting


      After 17:35 the hostname could not be resolved and our DNS server is available the whole day/night.


      One remark about the difference in the both logfiles. In the logfile of the MC3190 device the App is started after the reboot and in the MC55 the logfile ended with the reboot. The reason is, that the MC55 started RhoElements V1 after the reboot and not the RhoElements V2 App.

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          Kutir Mobility

          Hi Klaus,


          there is quite a bit of code in there so it would take a fair amount of time for anyone else to try to debug it. If you believe there is a memory leak in the network checking code, I can suggest that you create a new project from scratch and try to recreate the leak with as little code as possible. If it is a reproduceable issue, having a simple test case will dramatically improve your odds of getting it fixed.




          Kutir Mobility