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    MK500 application development using Windows 7 - getting started

      I've searched and searched but can't find any good information for developing applications for the MK500 kiosk.

      I've downloaded the relevant toolkits and such, but looking for a bit of guidance...


      I can't seem to even connect the MK500 to windows 7.  I fails to install the USB driver every time.

      I've installed the Motorola Device Manager, but I think it might be the Windows Mobile Device Centre problem?

      There seems to be no valid driver to download and install to get connected....



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          Daniel Silva

          You should be able to connect with Windows Mobile Device Center.  It should see the device connect and download a driver for it (assuming you have WMDC installed on your PC).   I have seen  some situations where certain USB cables don't work well with this device.  Even if you know the cable works with other devices, try a different cable.  Also try different USB ports on your PC.   I also try to power up the device while disconnected,  then after it is powered up, plug in the USB cable on the PC end.


          If you need some development help, please specify if you are looking to develop a .Net Compact Framework app, a C++ app or a web app.

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              No go.


              I have WMDC installed, but from what I can tell 64-bit MS Office 2010 is messing it up.

              I'm not amused that Microsoft has had many years to provide a fix for this, but has not.


              Error message when you try to sync Windows Mobile Device Center with Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013

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                  Daniel Silva

                  I don't have Outlook 2010, so I can't say for sure, but I think that error would relate to trying to sync contacts and things like that.  You are not going to need to do that, just get a connection going.where you should be able to "Connect without setting up your device".


                  When you plug in the cable, you should see a couple of messages pop up on the device.  First should say "Connecting to host", then you should see "User Authenticated".  Are you seeing both of these?


                  When the device is connected to the PC, do you see it in the device manager on the PC?  It should show up under "Mobile Devices" as "Symbol USB Sync".  While you're in there, see if there are any unknown devices, sometimes if you uninstall the unknown device and let it reinstall it again, it fixes these issues.

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                      The device comes up in Device Manager under Mobile Devices --> PocketPC SmartPhone.

                      The yellow exclamation mark triangle is there.

                      The device status says "Reinstall the drivers for this device".


                      When I plug in the device it says "Installing Device Driver Software". but fails. There are no messages on the device.


                      I uninstalled the unknown devices and reinstalled again, to no avail.


                      There is no connection happening.


                      My co-worker went through the hassle of creating a new image on his PC, installing WMDC first, then Outlook 2010. WMDC works for him and he is able to develop with our Motorola phones. I fear that if he installed any updates from Windows Update it will once again break WMDC.


                      My other co-worker resorted to using a VM to do development.


                      I have ask our desktop support guys to build me an XP desktop to do development, as it is likely there is no solution from Microsoft on this one.