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    Javascript or Ruby to take multiple pictures for a single model record?

    Guillermo James

      Hi to everybody. I just started to work with images. I have to create a model for vehicles where each vehicle will have an ID and 10 pictures associated. We decided try the pictures by its Data Uri format. I have 3 questions:


      1. What's your recommendation about to work with JavaScript or Ruby?. We need to take 10 pictures before to create and  sync each  model record.

      2. It would be better try each picture like a different record for each Vehicle? or there is no problem with to try the 10 pictures in a single Vehicle model record?

      3. I have been trying to use the JavaScript API. In build.yml-> extensions: ["rho-javascript"]. In layout.erb ->

      <script src="/public/js/rho_javascript_api.js" type="text/javascript"></script>.  When I try to call Rho.Camera class, the web inspector shows that inside "rho_javascript_api.js" the code for the camera does not find "JQuery" variable.


      Any help or advice will be appreciated.


      Thanks a lot for you time.