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    connection to the local ruby server lost in windows mobile

    Nicolas Grolleau

      I have an issue in a rhoelements 2.2 windows mobile app on a MC75A when in 3G. (native app in the public folder)

      Sometimes (possibly when the data signal is low) the link between the html app and the local server is broken (I don't know yet if the server is down or just unreachable from the app).

      Ajax calls to the ruby controller or any file on the local server return error, jquerymobile buttons have no icon and pictures are not loaded.


      This happens only in 3G, never in wifi, only the first time we launch the app after a boot (never seen the issue after exiting and re-opening the app) and seems to happen more often in locations where the data signal is lower.

      The server starts being unreachable just a few seconds after we establish a data connection.


      Does anyone have any idea of a possible cause for this issue?