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    Select object "bugs" on RhoElements 2 for SB1

      I am writing some demos for SB1 and so far I have found a couple of "issues" with select object, I would like to share just in case it happens to be useful for anyone.


      First one is about onload event (inline) for such objects. It simply does not work.

      AddEventListener with load event applied to these objects does not work either.

      change event does work, though. Yet click does not. I did not try all of them .


      So, all the initialisation of the select objects must be done on body's inline onload (or AddEventListener's load).


      Second one is interesting, but might only happen on SB1 devices (because of its own special programming "shell"):

      If select object is dropped-down, and one waits for this locking screen ("Badge, user config, Press Home to Unlock") then all select's options remain visible... and active!! Selected option is activated once back in the application.

      This is certainly not due to SB1 display's refreshing (select is working, this is not a ghost image).


      Did anyone else check the behaviours of other objects and their events?


      Uh, I forgot to mention: RhoElements version is latest (available so far) for SB1,