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    Rhoconnect push server problem on a linux server (centos)

    Tahir Zamir



      We have a fully running rhoconnect type application with synchronisation between the device and our back end working successfully on our test windows environment.


      We have now migrated the rhoconnect software onto a linux box (centos).  All the relevant configuration changes have been made for rhoconnect, rails plugin and the rhodes client app.


      All the activity takes place fine with synchronisation working correctly between the device and the backend as long as we SYNC MANUALLY on the device.


      A simple ping from the webconsole results in the following message:-


      ## ANS server: New connection from

      ***** 0 POST /instanceId {}

      ## handleCreateInstanceID header(s) {"connection":"keep-alive","authorization":"Basic MDk1YWMyZTUtMThhOC00NWFmLWFiMTUtMDNjNjA4ZWY5MzY5OlNZUzAwMQ==","content-length":"0","host":""}

      Invalid authentication credentials

      Credentials Basic MDk1YWMyZTUtMThhOC00NWFmLWFiMTUtMDNjNjA4ZWY5MzY5OlNZUzAwMQ==


      Further to this, the device details in the web console just show several basic attributes and seem to be missing a bunch of attributes which are normally visible e.g. device_type and device_pin.


      Is there something further that has to be done for installation and deployment of a rhoconnect app on a linux server?


      I have perused the notes on these topics many times but I can't see what steps I might have missed.