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    Select not displaying

    Glenn Sayer

      Having an issue with the below select.  When we remove it the page loads fine.  With it, the page only loads the header.  When we remove all but one item from the list it works.  Now the odd part.  When this page is loaded from a local PC server it works.  When loaded off of the development test server it fails.


      Rhoelements shared runtime issue also occurs on 4.0


      The only thing I can think of is the number of items is getting us or it is that the scroll area is larger than the screen (hor and vert).


      Has anyone ran into this type of issue or have any ideas what to try?





        <select name="status" accesskey="2" tabindex="2" onchange="processOnChange(this, targetBin);" onblur="clearFocusState();" onfocus="saveFocusState(this, targetBin);" class="select"><option value="No Change">No Change</option>

      <option value="Assigned">Assigned</option>

      <option value="Auction Detailed">Auction Detailed</option>

      <option value="Auction Received">Auction Received</option>

      <option value="Auction Sold">Auction Sold</option>

      <option value="Awaiting Accessories">Awaiting Accessories</option>

      <option value="Awaiting Cosmetic">Awaiting Cosmetic</option>

      <option value="Awaiting Decision">Awaiting Decision</option>

      <option value="Apple OB inflow">Apple OB inflow</option>

      <option value="NCAPPLE OB INFLOW">NCAPPLE OB INFLOW</option>

      <option value="Awaiting Decision-C">Awaiting Decision-C</option>

      <option value="Awaiting Decision-L">Awaiting Decision-L</option>

      <option value="Awaiting Decision-T">Awaiting Decision-T</option>

      <option value="Awaiting Parts">Awaiting Parts</option>

      <option value="Awaiting Repair">Awaiting Repair</option>

      <option value="Awaiting Return">Awaiting Return</option>

      <option value="CC-ACCESSORIES REQ">CC-ACCESSORIES REQ</option>

      <option value="CC-GRADE A ORIG BX">CC-GRADE A ORIG BX</option>

      <option value="CC-GRADE B BRWN BX">CC-GRADE B BRWN BX</option>

      <option value="CC-GRADE A BRWN BX">CC-GRADE A BRWN BX</option>

      <option value="CC-TEST">CC-TEST</option>

      <option value="CHQ RMA Request">CHQ RMA Request</option>

      <option value="Contacted-Rdy 4 P/U">Contacted-Rdy 4 P/U</option>

      <option value="Customer Callback">Customer Callback</option>

      <option value="Dealtree Approved">Dealtree Approved</option>

      <option value="Dealtree Shipped">Dealtree Shipped</option>

      <option value="Detailing">Detailing</option>

      <option value="Endurance Pass">Endurance Pass</option>

      <option value="Estimate">Estimate</option>

      <option value="Estimate Notice">Estimate Notice</option>

      <option value="GHQ Receive">GHQ Receive</option>

      <option value="Inflow Auction">Inflow Auction</option>

      <option value="Inflow RR">Inflow RR</option>

      <option value="Inflow RTV">Inflow RTV</option>

      <option value="Inflow Service">Inflow Service</option>

      <option value="Inflow TPD">Inflow TPD</option>

      <option value="Inflow Test">Inflow Test</option>

      <option value="Inflow Write-Off">Inflow Write-Off</option>

      <option value="Inflow Yielding">Inflow Yielding</option>

      <option value="Invoiced">Invoiced</option>

      <option value="MIA">MIA</option>

      <option value="No Service Strategy">No Service Strategy</option>

      <option value="PSP Exchange">PSP Exchange</option>

      <option value="Part Error - Updated">Part Error - Updated</option>

      <option value="Part NA">Part NA</option>

      <option value="Part Order Received">Part Order Received</option>

      <option value="Part Repair Complete">Part Repair Complete</option>

      <option value="Part Request">Part Request</option>

      <option value="Parts Rec&#39;d 4 Repair">Parts Rec&#39;d 4 Repair</option>

      <option value="Picked Up">Picked Up</option>

      <option value="POS-Available">POS-Available</option>

      <option value="POS-Reserved">POS-Reserved</option>

      <option value="PRC All Approved">PRC All Approved</option>

      <option value="PRC PU Confirmed">PRC PU Confirmed</option>

      <option value="PRC Dispute">PRC Dispute</option>

      <option value="PU Confirmed">PU Confirmed</option>

      <option value="PRC Approved">PRC Approved</option>

      <option value="PRC Await Decision">PRC Await Decision</option>

      <option value="PRC Hold">PRC Hold</option>

      <option value="PRC Inflow">PRC Inflow</option>

      <option value="PRC MIA">PRC MIA</option>

      <option value="PRC Refused">PRC Refused</option>

      <option value="PRC Request">PRC Request</option>

      <option value="PRC Ship">PRC Ship</option>

      <option value="PRC Variance">PRC Variance</option>

      <option value="Project Clearance">Project Clearance</option>

      <option value="PRC 1st scan ">PRC 1st scan </option>

      <option value="PRC 1ST REQUEST">PRC 1ST REQUEST</option>

      <option value="PRC 2ND REQUEST">PRC 2ND REQUEST</option>

      <option value="PRC 3RD REQUEST">PRC 3RD REQUEST</option>

      <option value="PRC ESCALATION">PRC ESCALATION</option>

      <option value="PRC ASSIGNED">PRC ASSIGNED</option>

      <option value="PRC SNV">PRC SNV</option>

      <option value="PRC SORT">PRC SORT</option>

      <option value="PRC PP">PRC PP</option>

      <option value="PRC PC ">PRC PC </option>

      <option value="Project Inflow">Project Inflow</option>

      <option value="Project Pending">Project Pending</option>

      <option value="Project ReadyforResa">Project ReadyforResa</option>

      <option value="Project Refurbished">Project Refurbished</option>

      <option value="Project Repack">Project Repack</option>

      <option value="Project Sold">Project Sold</option>

      <option value="Project Test">Project Test</option>

      <option value="Project Write Off">Project Write Off</option>

      <option value="RMA Approved">RMA Approved</option>

      <option value="RMA Escalation">RMA Escalation</option>

      <option value="RMA Provided">RMA Provided</option>

      <option value="RMA Refused">RMA Refused</option>

      <option value="RMA Request">RMA Request</option>

      <option value="RMA 1st Request">RMA 1st Request</option>

      <option value="RMA 2nd Request">RMA 2nd Request</option>

      <option value="RMA 3rd Request">RMA 3rd Request</option>

      <option value="RTV Assigned">RTV Assigned</option>

      <option value="Ready To Ship">Ready To Ship</option>

      <option value="Rec&#39;d by Audit">Rec&#39;d by Audit</option>

      <option value="Received">Received</option>

      <option value="Received/Accepted">Received/Accepted</option>

      <option value="Received/Rejected">Received/Rejected</option>

      <option value="Repair Complete">Repair Complete</option>

      <option value="Salvage">Salvage</option>

      <option value="TPD Complete">TPD Complete</option>

      <option value="TPD RA Request">TPD RA Request</option>

      <option value="TPD Returned">TPD Returned</option>

      <option value="Vendor Testing">Vendor Testing</option>

      <option value="Vendor Testing Fail">Vendor Testing Fail</option>

      <option value="Vendor Testing Pass">Vendor Testing Pass</option>

      <option value="Video Game HW NFF">Video Game HW NFF</option>

      <option value="WGWP">WGWP</option>

      <option value="WGWS">WGWS</option>

      <option value="Whole Unit Parts">Whole Unit Parts</option>

      <option value="WIP">WIP</option>

      <option value="Write-Off Approved">Write-Off Approved</option>

      <option value="Write-Off Assigned">Write-Off Assigned</option>

      <option value="Write-Off Refused">Write-Off Refused</option>

      <option value="Write-Off Request">Write-Off Request</option>

      <option value="Yielding Complete">Yielding Complete</option></select>