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    render :back => :close is not working in Rhodes-4.0.beta.59 version

      HI All,


      I am facing issue with handling device back button in android Rhodes-4.0.beta.59 version.

      I am displaying the Login page as render :action => :login, :back => :close so that when user clicks back key on device when on Login page it closes the application.


      But the same thing fails in the below scenario:

      1. Enter valid details in Login page,

        Controller method is called which uses Async Post to call Authentication with backend. In callback displaying Home page

        Home page(say) is displayed.

      2. Click Logout on Home page

      3. Login page is displayed

      4. Now click Android device "Back" button

      7. Home page of Step 1 is displayed.

      But as per code :back event is specified so it should close the app, but somehow Rhodes is maintaining history and I need to override it.


      Please help to solve this issue.

      Thanks in advance,