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    how can i retrieve a rhodes database



      I have an issue where i have a locked device (locked by ENTERPRISE HOME SCREEN with invalid password issue.


      Does anyone know if there is anyway of getting all rhodes data from a device when you cn't get into settings and only have access to the root of the SDCard diectoty??


      Ideally i wuld like to be able to pull all data off so i can move it to  a newly built device without losing the data on hte locked  device.


      Any pointers here really welcome as currently pulling my hair out trying to get to my stored data on the locked device.

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          Mark Nongkhlaw

          Not sure which platform this is, if WM, then its easy to navigate to the sqlite db on sdcard ( device), but on Android, you would need root access.


          Which reminds me that its important to be able to do a DB Backup from our apps. It seems Rhom.database_export and Rhom.database_import are there, but Ive never been able to call these methods successfully.