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    Error: undefined method `RhoConnectClient' for Rho:Module trying to use new API with rhoconnect

    Rob Richard

      I just upgraded to 4.0.0 (what a nightmare!)  I suppose the first question is: does the new rhoconnectclient API work with older an rhoconnect app (using rhoconnect 3.4.2)  I certainly hope so!


      So I modified the calls in the rhodes app from SyncEngine to Rho.RhoConnectClient.  For example, the old code to do the sync was:


      and the new code is:       



      I also added the prescribed items to my build.yml as follows (I was also previous using json):

        extensions: ["json", "rhoconnect-client"]


      That should be it, right?  So I run my app, execute sync, and get:

      Error: undefined method `RhoConnectClient' for Rho:Module


      So what magic must I perform to get this to work???