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    Upgraded app to use rhoconnect 4.0 and now receiving Not Found 404 error on login method

    Rob Richard

      The pain continues...  I upgraded my app to use both Rhodes 4.0.0 and RhoConnect 4.0.0.  Now as my app attempts to login to rhoconnect before synchronizing, I get an error code 2 and a 404 Not Found error while debugging and looking at the values.  I tried as best as possible to follow the directions to migrate the app from Rhomobile | Migrating your application to RhoConnect 4.0


      Here is the code used to login:


           Rho::RhoConnectClient.syncServer = syncserver

           Rho::RhoConnectClient.login('Rob', 'rob', (url_for :action => :login_callback) )




      Here is the (edited) url that it is attempting to access from the log - does this look like the appropriate URL the app is attempting to access? 




      Pulling up the RhoConnect console, it does show version 4.0.0 in the bottom right corner.  Is there any other way to verify the site is indeed using 4.0.0 and all that comes with it?