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    SOTI client on SB1?

    Ojaswini Kulkarni

      Hello everyone,

      I want to use SOTI to manage SB1 devices.

      I got MCAgent_35.exe to run.


      Can anyone tell me how to run SOTI client (.exe) on SB1?


      Thanks in advance...


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          Khai-Van Phu


          You can try this method. It does work for me.


          1 - Generate the SOTI client file in CAB format e.g NET_ARM920_921M.CAB

          2 - Copy NET_ARM920_921M.CAB to \UserDrive\3rdParty folder of SB1

          3 - Create file NET_ARM920_506E.lnk using Notepad with following content:

               255#"\Windows\wceload.exe" /noaskdest /noui /delete 0 "\UserDrive\3rdParty\NET_ARM920_506E.CAB"

          4 - Copy NET_ARM920_506E.lnk to \Application\Startup folder of SB1

          5 - Reboot SB1 and it will be installed in the memory of the SB1

          6 - Check now if the SB1 is detected in SOTI Console Manager



          Khai-Van PHU