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    rho_javascript_api.js missing on RMS 4 on mac

    David MacCrimmon

      I have been developing an app using RMS 4 on my PC, which works just fine on Android/WM. However this week I have been trying to test it on our Mac and am having some issues.


      My app needs to use the 2.2 and 4.0 javascript files together as it requires use of the device camera. However when I build the app on the Mac it doesn't generate the rho_javascript_api.js or the rho_common_api_noconflict.js files needed to allow the camera to function. Here is the section from my build.yml that I believe should create both of these js files. Am I doing something wrong or is the mac not able to do this just yet?



        - json

        - rho-javascript

        - coreapi

        - sensor


        - gps

        - pim

        - camera

        - vibrate

        - calendar

        - non_motorola_device

        - native_browser

        - network_state