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    Rhoconnect set admin password fails

    Tahir Zamir



      rhoconnect 3.4.5

      centos 6.4


      I'm trying to set a password for rhoconnect. 


      Using the webconsole nothing seems to happen and a password is not created.


      Within a command shell, rhoconnect prompts for the existing username and password which are "rhoadmin" and blank.  At this point the following is seen:-


           Token is saved in: /home/.../.rhoconnect_token


      and then for the new password.  It fails setting the new password with:-


           Run rhoconnect command error: 500 Internal Server Error: undefined method 'update' for nil:NilClass


      I don't know if this has any bearing but I am executing the set-admin-password from the folder which contains my rhoconnect app.  If I run it outside of this folder then the command returns with, "settings.yml" not found.  Does settings.yml need something specific to effect a change of password?





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          Yes it's likely that command broke with some changes to 3rd party library RestClient.  Easiest thing to do is change it through the web console.

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            erika contiero

            Hi Tahir,


            I had the same problem on rhoconnect v.4 and v.5.1.1, and when I was looking for a solution I found your question here.

            I solved this issue using the direct RestClient call to change the password:  RestClient.put("#{server}/rc/v1/users/rhoadmin"...

            I attach the ruby file, you can set your parameters inside it and then you can execute this (with a shell on a machine that can reach your rhoconnect) with the command:

            ruby set_admin_password.rb


            Maybe now this information is no longer useful for you, but if someone have to solve the same problem can try this workaround.