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    AsyncHttp Syntax

    David Miller

      I can't get AsyncHttp to work on the device (MC55A, windows mobile 6.5).  It does run the my_object_creation code but the UI is blocked.  Controller code:



      def kick_off_objection_creation

          Rho::AsyncHttp.get(:url => (url_for :action => my_object_creation), :callback => (url_for :action => :creation_complete))

          render :action => :creation_results_page    # this has JS functions to update the user of progress




      def my_object_creation

           ...reads a csv file and imports the data into the database, using transactions...

           ...uses WebView.execute_js to update the user of progress on the creation_results_page...


      def creation_complete

          dataImportStatusText = "Data Import Done"





      Anybody see what is wrong?  Or is AsyncHttp not possible on a WM device?