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    RhoConnect MD initialization

    Glenn Sayer

      Looking at the Sync Workflow page (Rhomobile | Synchronization with Rhodes) it looks like RhoConnect doesn't start building it DB(MD) until the client does a sync.  Wondering if their is a way to prime the pump and have RhoConnect build its DB outside of the Client having to do a sync? 


      The reason I would like to prime the pump is speed up the initial load of the data from the back end in the case of large amounts of data or lots of user accessing the system at the same time.   As the current process when I do an initial sync the client device has to wait for RhoConnect system to query the back end and build it's data and then RhoConnect can start the process of syncing the data to the device.  In some cases this back end acquisition of data is the bottle neck in getting the data to the client and moving this to off hours and doing it in advance would be a great addition to the RhoConnect product.