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    enable :full_update is not working

      I have upgraded my code to use rhoconnect-client versus Syncengine but I am unable to get the the :full_update working. My update_hash in rhoconnect always contains only the changed attributes. Am I missing something on the rhoconnect side that needs to be done? Is there a way to 'touch' the property I need to send without changing its' value?


      Here is my model definition:


      # The model has already been created by the framework, and extends Rhom::RhomObject

      # You can add more methods here

      class NXDActivity

        include Rhom::PropertyBag


        # Uncomment the following line to enable sync with NXDActivity.

        enable :sync


        enable :full_update


        belongs_to :request_id, 'NXDRequest'


        set :sync_priority, 10


         #more stuff here ...