How to add Root CA Certificates to ET1?

Hello everybody!


I've been working on a Sencha Touch app for an ET1 Tablet. In this app I need to access to a sever on a internal network to consume some webservices.


The app itself works fine, but despite I install the CA Certificates on the tablet, I can't access the server.


I've tried with other device and the access was successfull, but if I try with te ET1 there is no way to consume the webservices.


Somebody have any idea why that doesn't works?


Thankyou for your help!

Glenn Sayer
Andres,If the ET1 is running


If the ET1 is running GB the you cannot add a cert to the Root store as Android doesn't allow it.  This feature/issue was to be resolved with JB but I have not tried it.

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