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    Sync data volume limit

    Alexey Mironov


      I have some problems with big data volume sync:

      for example my experiment data:

      Sync server - Linux CentOS 2 Cpu 4 Gz, Host: MSSQL Server 2005 Enerrise, Gem - TunyTds

      sync type - bulk sync


      count of rec in host tabel                    sync time (ММ:SEC)                      sync time (ММ:SEC)

      (1 rec ~ 20 bt)                                         rhosimulator                           Motorola MC3190 WinCE 6.0, wi-fi 100 Mbt


      1000                                                         00:15  (first sync)                          00:45 (firs sync)

      10000                                                       1:20 (first sync)                             4:30 (first sync)

      10000                                                       0:10 (after first sync)                      1:15 (after first sync)

      60000                                                       no sync*                                        no sunc*


      no sync* - process ended after one minute with erroe - "server return erron"


      My customer's project must transer more that 350000 records at one sync proc. What can I do?

      I have one Idea - send forward connections from my mobile app to MSSQL server (I think it is more quicly),

      but can not add gem (i use tunytds) to mobile app's project (jnly one gem add)...