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    Problem Updating ET1 OS, and no wifi

    Paul Masters



      I have an ET1 which had an OS from 2011. I was having trouble getting the Scanner(Camera)  to with Rhomobnile 4, which another post suggested was fixed in an OS update.


      After I installed this update file  ET1N0GenRU04612399.zip ,the scanner works, but now the Wifi won't connect. I never see the Wifi Icon on the top status bar, and the status stays as "Scanning.."  I've switched wifi on and off,  reset the clock manually, and entered the AP info a number of times with out any luck.


      I've also tried to update to Jellybean with the update ET1N0JXXRU01701580.zip , but that won't work. I get an error


      -- Install /sdcard ...

      Finding update package...

      Opening update package...

      Verifying update package...

      E: signature verification failed

      Installation aborted


      (ps This is also what I got when i mistakenly tried to open an Airbeam update package)


      Can anyone tell me how to fix this, or which update package to use to get the camera scanning and wifi both working?


      This is the current info about my device.


      From About

      Model number ET1

      Android version 2.3.4

      Boot loader version 1.1.4(012-Oct-17)

      Kernel version

      Build number 04-271301-2399-0601-00-M1-101712


      from Hardware config

      Platform ET1N0

      Wlan wl128x