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    Page Refresh Issue

    Ian Hatton

      I have a HTML+Javascript page which is called from index.erb in my project. When the page is loaded, I see a blank screen and have to press the refresh button before the controls appear. The screenshots and HTML source are attached - any ideas as to why the refresh is required and how to avoid this?

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          I have tried this same code on Rhosimulator and MC75 WM device and i am not able to recreate the issue,


          I have created new Rhoelements project on RMS4.0 and have given the reference link to your index.html in index.erb. On clicking the link it loads the index.html correctly . I have not observed the blank page issue. Let me know if any other step i need to follow.


          In your code i have seen<body> tag written twice.



          Vinod Shankar