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    Home page refreshes on its own

      I am working on an alternate version of the Rhospection app and have created a pure javascript, single page app.  Source code is here:




      I have an index.html page underneath the /public directory that serves as the 'single page' in the single page app.  In the rhoconfig.txt I have set this as the start page.  This page loads my own custom javascript libraries, including the definition and initialization of my models.


      What I have noticed, is that after going into my application and creating a new record (click on 'New" tab, enter data, then click on 'create' button), the start page gets refreshed.


      None of my models are currently synced, so there should be no login requirements or redirects. Anyone have ideas on why this may be happening? I am using the released version of rhostudio 4.


      Nothing within my app does any page navigation whatsoever.  All content is displayed via AJAX.