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    Having problems with different FONT-FAMILY types in RhoBrowser on MK3100

    Michael Schillinger



      hopefully somebody can help me with this problem - our customer is using the RhoBrowser to display a webapplication on a MK3100. They want to try out now some different FONT-FAMILY types and found out that not all are working on the MK3100.


      In this special case he tested "Soho Pro" (is working) and "Aachen Com Bold" (isn't working). The fonts are installed on device and they are working in Wordpad - but as said not both are working in RhoBrowser.

      For information - customer doesn't use any Rho features at all and the Webapplication wasn't programmed with RhoStudio - he just use the RhoBrowser to display his own Webapplication (pricefinder). Webapplication is hosted on server of customer and not directly on the device.


      I want to ask, if there are any Rho specific configurations have to be performed that all fonts work? Could it be a problem, that the webapplication is server side and not directly on the device?



      Many thanks in advance.