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    Fixed Schema sql query

    Alexey Mironov


      I have some FixedSchema model -


      class TsdInventtable

        include Rhom::FixedSchema#PropertyBag


        # Uncomment the following line to enable sync with TsdInventtable.

         enable :sync

        #enable :pass_through

        #add model specifc code here

        set :sync_type, :bulk_only


        property :ItemId, :string[20]

        property :ItemName, :string[140]

        property :VendId, :string[20]

        property :VendName, :string[140]  




      and try to exec this code -



      db = ::Rho::RHO.get_src_db('TsdInventtable')

      db.execute_sql("select * from TsdInventtable")


      but it is not work. I use RhoStudio 2.0

      Single -


      db = ::Rho::RHO.get_src_db('TsdInventtable')


      work well.... What the problem?