"Drop" test with TC55 DV1 unit


I would like to capture some comments from other users as well as engineering about the following experiance. We had yesterday our TC55 partner introduction session. While I was presenting the TC55 insides I dropped the TC55 from less than 1,20m on stage. The stage was built out of modules with a carpet finish. The TC55 survied just fine except that the battery door went off. Please share, what the "planned" or expected drop behavior should be. As stated in the title the device is a DV1 unit.

Add On:

I liked the new finish of the DV2 units. I was shocked of the sharp edges of the Rugged Charge Cable (adapter) and I am hoping that this quality is limited to the pre-production status.

The battery door release improved drastically from EV to DV2, hoping the above is not the result. Still the edges at the battery release area should be better rounded down.My thumb (with a short fingernail) still hurts ;-)

Thanks for your feedback!