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    RhoMobile Application Rotates when Auto-Rotation Disabled in Android?

    Derek Warren

      When the Auto-Rotate option is disabled in the Android Settings and I load a RhoMobile 4.0 application I can still rotate the application (I don't want to disable through the RhoMobile config.txt or ScreenOrientation API).


      Should the Application be able to do this or is it a bug? Results do vary however, see below.


      I've tested this with 4 Android devices here are the results when auto-rotate is disabled in Android settings.

      Rooted G2 w/ 4.0 = Application Rotates (Bad)

      MC40 w/ 4.1 = Application Rotates (Bad)

      ET1 w/ 4.1 = Application Rotates (Bad)

      Moto X w/ 4.2 = Application DOESN'T Rotate (Good)