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    Moving to RhoE but need resolution to Pocket Browser issue first

    Peter Arcuri

      Here is the situation. A client has MC9190s running Pocket Browser for SAP ITSmobile. Some article lookup transaction are lengthy and all is well if the user is patiently waiting for the lookup transaction to complete and displayed. However, this creates an opportunity for those trigger happy users to create havoc as it launches multiple article lookup transactions for one input field which then causes the app to chock. So the natural thing to do is disable the scanner during the article lookup process. Unfortunately, as the doc references the "Disabled" parameter reverts the scanner to its default state and flushes any device specific current decoder settings.


      Ultimately the client is looking for a way to reinstate the decoder settings upon re-Enabling the scanner. Thoughts anyone?


      As a workaround one can prevent the article transaction lookup process if one is already in progress but that can create confusion for users as all scan/decodes that seemingly appear successful were all ignored by the app. Any other thoughts?

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          Glenn Sayer

          I think your last suggestion is the one to go with but instead of ignoring the scan you can display a message telling the user there is a transaction in progress.


          Another option would be to try the Barcode.setDefault and see if this allows the scanner to keep the setting thru a disable/enable.

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              Peter Arcuri

              Thanks Glenn, but I didn't find any reference to Barcode.setDefault in the PB documentation. However I did come across  the set DefaultMetaTags via the config.xml file:


              DEFAULTMETATAG = All PocketBrowser Meta Tags can be set by default in the configuration, meaning if a common tag is required by the application it need not be present on every HTML page. Set a default tag in by specifying the tag's module, followed by a tilda character and then the properties of the module you wish to set, specified in EMML 1.1. If the meta tag is present in both the configuration and a loaded page then the page will take priority. Logically only persistent tags can be set in the configuration, a tag's persistance being stated in the 'additional information' section in the help file.


              It sounds as a viable alternative to setting the desirable settings as default so when one enables/disables the scanner these settings are consistently intact.


              Thoughts anyone? I would hate to set a overly paid SAP developer on a wild goose chase.