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    XCode / iPad loading image wierdness

    Rob Richard

      Ok, so having repositioned my app to run under RMS 4.0.0 in conjunction with XCode 5 finally, I face one final hurdle in finalizing the development.  My iPad loading images seem to be hosed up.  For example, regardless if I use the Landscape Non-Retina (1024x768) or the Landscape Retina (2048x1536) or either of the portrait images, they all show up way too big for my iPad3 (Model MD365LL/A running iOS 7.0.3).  Another squirrelly thing going on is that when I select the image for one (say the portrait non-retina), then select the image for the retina version, it removes the image name I selected before and displays "No image with correct dimensions found", even though it JUST was selected!  Anyone encounter this or have ideas how to resolve?