XCode / iPad loading image wierdness

Ok, so having repositioned my app to run under RMS 4.0.0 in conjunction with XCode 5 finally, I face one final hurdle in finalizing the development.  My iPad loading images seem to be hosed up.  For example, regardless if I use the Landscape Non-Retina (1024x768) or the Landscape Retina (2048x1536) or either of the portrait images, they all show up way too big for my iPad3 (Model MD365LL/A running iOS 7.0.3).  Another squirrelly thing going on is that when I select the image for one (say the portrait non-retina), then select the image for the retina version, it removes the image name I selected before and displays "No image with correct dimensions found", even though it JUST was selected!  Anyone encounter this or have ideas how to resolve?

Rob Richard
Hmm, ok.  According to this

Hmm, ok.  According to this post (Launch Images in iOS 7 with Xcode 5 - Stack Overflow), XCode prefers the use of the Asset Catalog.  I implemented the asset catalog as described in that thread, and it's working properly now.

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