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    AppApplication in Rho 4

    Bartosz Bodzon


      I was looking at Rho's Api summary and I noticed that in Rho 4 there is no information about AppAplication class, it is in Rho 2 though. There is new Application class in Rho 4 but they don't seem to be equivalent.

      I guess my question comes down to whether it is deprecated or not (just two different classes with very similar names)? What I can read from manual there two different classes, am I correct?

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          Kutir Mobility

          Hi Bartosz,

          I think we can follow the same RMS 2.2 AppApplication API docs to RMS 4.0.

          We will wait for  Motorola team to confirm on this thread.


          Visnupriya R

          Kutir Mobility

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            Robert Galvin

            Check Rhomobile | Application

            setApplicationNotify(CallBackHandler callback)

            Async Callback Returning Parameters: HASH

              • applicationEvent : STRINGPossible Values :
                Application.APP_EVENT_ACTIVATED - (Activated)
                The application has been activated
                Application.APP_EVENT_DEACTIVATED - (Deactivated)
                The application has been deactivated
                Application.APP_EVENT_UICREATED - (UICreated)
                APP_EVENT_UICREATED is generated before the start page is loaded. There are no means to set callback and catch event in javascript. Ruby Application class descendant can to set callback and process this event.
                Application.APP_EVENT_UIDESTROYED - (UIDestroyed)
                This event is triggered when the application is closing and the UI has been cleared.
                Application.APP_EVENT_SYNCUSERCHANGED - (SyncUserChanged)
                Event when the current RhoConnect user has changed. This is available under Ruby Only
                Application.APP_EVENT_CONFIGCONFLICT - (ConfigConflict)
                This is available under Ruby Only.
                Application.APP_EVENT_DBMIGRATESOURCE - (DBMigrateSource)
                This is available under Ruby Only.
                You can use Rho::AppApplication (Ruby only) - but the new Application class replaces this (Ruby and JS support)
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                Bartosz Bodzon



                Thanks, this is useful to know. Does that mean that AppAplication is going to be deprecated in the future?

                I am asking because it seems that AppApplication has additional functionality which I could not find in Application class.

                Namely in Rho 2 you could reference your Application instance to get access to its accessors:


                this does not work on Application class though



                Best regards