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    Building locally for WM6.5.3

    David Miller

      I need to get away from using Rhohub for building WM apps.


      When I look at the instructions for building locally, this is what I see...


      a) Visual Studio 2012 is only any use for building for Windows Phone 8 apps.

      b) To build for WM6.5.3, you need Visual Studio 2005 (or later)


      I bought Visual Studio 2012 with the intent to build WM6.5.3 apps.  I can't get hold of VS 2008 for love nor money.


      After installing VS2012, when I try to install the 'Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional DTK.msi' prerequisite, it tells me Visual Studio 2005 (or later) is not installed - which of course it is.


      Can someone clarify how I can build WM6.5.3 locally, what software I need and if I can use VS2012?




      P.S.  I'd prefer to use RhoStudio IDE but would use VS if I really had to.