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    Can't build Windows Mobile apps because of error VCBLD0004

    Christian Hubmann



      I'd like to start developing RhoMobile apps for Windows Mobile. I'm trying to run the api samples on a wm6 device from RhoStudio, but I always get the following error:


      cd C:/MotorolaRhoMobileSuite4.0.0/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/rhodes-4.0.0/lib/commonAPI/coreapi/ext/platform/wm

      vcbuild.exe : error VCBLD0004: Project 'CoreAPI.vcproj' does not contain a configuration called 'Release|Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK (ARMV4I)'.

      rake aborted!


      But CoreAPI.vcproj DOES contain the specified configuration. I also tried setting the run configuration to "Simulator" instead of "Device", Platform 6.5.3 (instead of 6.0), and both RhoStudio 32bit and 64bit, but I always get the same error. Only the "RhoSimulator" works.


      I have the following configuration:


      Windows 7 64bit

      Visual Studio 2008 Professional SP1

      Visual Studio 2010 Professional SP1

      JDK 1.7.0_45 32bit and 64bit

      JRE7 32bit and 64bit

      RhoStudio 4.0.0

      Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK

      Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional DTK


      I have attached my rhobuild.yml. Any help in getting this to work on a physical device would be greatly appreciated!