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    How to use VideoCapture API in RMS 4.0?(for ET1)

    Nick Peng

      I use the following example code but not work by ruby


      Rho::Videocapture.destination= '/RhoVideoCapture'

      Rho::Videocapture.duration = 60000

      Rho::Videocapture.start(url_for(:action => :save_captured_video))


      VideoCapture.destination = File.join(Rho::RhoApplication::get_user_path(), 'myvideo.mp4')    

      VideoCapture.duration = 60000

      VideoCapture.videoSaveEvent = url_for(:action => :vc_callback)



      Error Message:

      uninitialized constant XXXController::VideoCapture


      If build.yml include extension "videocapture" not work the same and not Production build in RMS 4.0.

      Please Help,