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    render :partial breaks my buttons?

    Jochem Pouwels

      I have created my own pagehistory + backbutton because the default functionality was not able to please me.

      It have always worked fine.... until I put my header in an partial.


      My partial looks something like this:


      <div id="<%= page_id %>" data-role="page" <% if button_layout == "default" %> data-add-back-btn="true" <% end %> >

      <div data-id="header" data-position="fixed" data-role="header" data-tap-toggle="false" data-transition="none">

        <center><h1><%= title %></h1></center>


        <%if button_layout == "custom_back_button" %>

        <a href="<%= url_for :controller => :Customer, :action => :page_navigation_back %>" class="ui-btn-left" data-direction="reverse" data-icon="arrow-l">

          <% if $edit_state == true %>


          <% else %>


          <% end %>


        <% end %>


      The problem now is that I cant press the back button twice in a row..

      I can go from page A to B to C to B

      but not from page A to B to C to B to A


      When I try to go to page A just nothing happens.. the backbutton is highlighted but nothing is in the log


      Any one recognize this problem? I saw this before when I did a redirect to the same page: page A  --> page B (submitbutton works now) --> page B (same submitbutton doesnt work now so stays on same page)