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    undefined method `object' for nil:NilClass `eval_compiled_file'

    David Miller

      I'm trying to debug my app.  I get this as I call WebView.navigate...


      App error: undefined method `object' for nil:NilClass

      (eval):17:in `<compiled>'

      lib/rho/render.rb:175:in `eval_compiled_file'

      lib/rho/render.rb:175:in `render'

      lib/rho/rhocontroller.rb:118:in `serve'

      lib/rho/rhoapplication.rb:248:in `serve'

      lib/rho/rho.rb:883:in `serve'


      I've taken a look at render.rb but I'm not really any wiser.  Anybody point me in the right direction?


      Environment:  RhMobile V2.2, WM6.5.3, Rhohub build.