MC9090-G RFID (not Z) with RFID2-API - .NET CF Problem

Hi everyone,

we have allready access via RFID2-API (3 seems to be not working for the old MC9090-G RFID)

to the rfid-scanner with:



deviceReader = ReaderFactory.CreateReader(ReaderModel.MC9090, configStreamStr);


We need to configure three settings:

- 1) enable the "Singulation"-Mode

- 2) set a pre-filter (so that only a limited range of TAGs is found)

- 3) make the storage-settings for tags higher (TagStorageSettings)


for 1) we found this solution:

Gen2ParmRead parm = new Gen2ParmRead();
parm.SelectFlag = Gen2.InventorySelectFlag.SL_Set;

is this right? and how can we add this settings to the reader?!

(We use the IEnumerable<IRFIDTag> to read the tags.)

for 2) we found something, not sure if it's the right thing:

Gen2SelectRecordParameters sr = new Gen2SelectRecordParameters();

String mask = "ID";

sr.Mask = Utility.hexify(mask);


for 3) we have no Idea. (Only supported in RFID3?)

Anybody solutions? Thank you!!