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    Progress! now slooooow?

    Darrell Coffey

      First, thanks everyone for understanding that I am totally new to mobile development. So I am just figuring things out with how to's, videos on youtube and help here.


      I just received my license for my test app today and finally did a build and deploy, wow is it slow on the device.

      Thinking I just screwed something up with my test app since I've been in and out of nearly all the files (feels like it anyway)


      I created a new project. Here is my exact steps.


      1. File>new project

      2. In new project wizard, choose "RhoMobile application"

      3. Change project name to "HelloWorld"

      4. Leave "use rhoelements" un checked

      5. Click finish to have the new project created.

      6. Right click the project and choose new>RhoMobile model

      7. Leave model name as default "Model001"

      8. Enter attributes: firstname,lastname,id,password and click finish

      9. edit app/index.erb


      change the link for "add link here" to point to the new Model001 with


      "<%= url_for :controller => :Model001 %>"



      10. Create a run configuration for the project with platform as "android" and simulator type as "device"


      apply, and run.

      Build takes about 5 minutes (Normal?)

      First screen is fast, transition is fast, but from here on the android acts like there is something killing the processor, the touch screen is verrrry slow to respond and some times responds with wrong info as if you click the link to add "new", the textboxes are almost non workable its so slow and error prone.


      I'm guessing there is some additional settings I need from this, I followed these steps exactly to recreate this post. Nothing else was changed.