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    Android Push (rhoconnect-push-service) Periodically crashes - loses push sync

    Steve Harman



      service on my Android devices. It periodically loses connection to the push service, then crashes. The Android kernel auto restarts it. Obviously any pushes during this time fail. Tests now done on multiple device types (Nexus S, Samsung Tablet) using a strong private WiFi connection.


      18 10:10:10:0457     10184     W/ActivityManager(  250): Scheduling restart of crashed service com.motsolutions.cto.services.ans/.ANSKeepAliveService in 31945ms 


        2013-10-18 10:10:42:0463     10373     I/ActivityManager(  250): Start proc com.motsolutions.cto.services.ans for service com.motsolutions.cto.services.ans/.ANSKeepAliveService: pid=8087 uid=10014 gids={3003, 1028} 

      Is this a known issue?