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    Profiling: browser_page - White flicker + higher load times

    Ruben Ruben

      I've been the last 2 days trying to make my application run faster. Using the profiler and checking the logs, i've noticed that some links trigger browser_page (which I guess means that a new browser page is handling the load of the page). This links are slower than others, and also show a white flash before getting loaded.


      You can observe an example in the default options menu that gets generated automatically (not the header "home" button that also gets automatically generated but the one you get when clicking Android's "option" button): click on the "home" and you will get one.


      I also get this kind of "link" in a href button that has a javascript code associated to the click event. (Other buttons don't have this)


      Any idea on how to avoid it, or at least, get a black background (I alredy have css code to put the body background black)



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          Adel Sari

          in your layout.erb disable page transition,


                          // Uncomment these options in case of performance problem in pages transition

                          $.mobile.defaultPageTransition = 'none';

                          $.mobile.defaultDialogTransition = 'none';

                          $.mobile.ajaxEnabled = false;

                          $.mobile.pushStateEnabled = false;

                          $.mobile.loadingMessageDelay = 50; // in ms

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              Jon Tara

              Setting $.mobile.ajaxEnabled to false will likely introduce performance and visual distraction issues, rather than improve anything. It means that the document - and all JS and CSS - will be reloaded for each page. If you set this, then most of the other settings you listed above are moot - have no effect at all.


              Setting transitions to "none" will provide some improvement.


              "White flash" is often caused by setting ajaxEnabled to false. One of many reasons not to do that.


              No idea what you mean by this:


              "some links trigger browser_page"

              That's not a jQuery Mobile event, so no idea what this is. Maybe part of RhoElements? I don't use that, so dunno.

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